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Acrylic on canvas - 30" x 20" (76.2cm x 50.8cm)


280gsm streched canvas with 38mm Thick Edge Profile


*Price includes shipping within Australia


**This artwork is supplied unframed, but canvas is ready to hang




About the artworks: "Reef Song I" & "Reef Song II"


The Reef Song Duo pieces emerged out of the same creative process and inspiration flow over consecutive days. They are strongly linked, clearly, yet they also stand alone. Each had its own journey to make into the world and each has its own unique story and wisdom to transmit.


The sister pieces were not created side-by-side as twins, but rather in tandem, each leap-frogging the other along the way, with the gradual evolution of each deeply informing the other's.


As I gaze into them I feel the energy of each sacred space, both sending vibrations outward for me to drink in the medicine of, and equally drawing me in to listen deeper and discover yet more.


Interestingly, I thought that for someone who has strongly favoured working with watercolour paints and fine pencil work on paper for a very long time, that these paintings were somewhat of a departure from my business as usual artistically-speaking. I didn't have any intention of falling in love, but I did. What began as a playful, casual exploration, quickly grew into a passionate love affair, as I felt a river of joy in me working with acrylics on canvas in this free-flowing, abstract manner. I literally danced and sang as I painted. It was magical. And I know that a whole new journey has only just begun.I hope you feel the energy of this great joy in them, as much as the deep, beautiful energy of the reef and healing waters of this world.

Reef Song I

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