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Artist Bio

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Watercolor Stain

Lara-Jane Stewart is a local artist, singer/songwriter and mother, living and working on Gubbi Gubbi country on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.


She creates primarily from a sense of inspiration within, allowing her artworks to unfold in a highly intuitive manner. Her work features her love of the natural world around her and reflections on the interconnectedness we share with the earth, the elements, the animal and plant kingdoms, and the cosmos.


As an artist she loves dancing in the space between realism and abstract, exploring representation of both the intricate life-like details of a subject and the overall essence or spirit of it.


Colour is perhaps one of the most striking aspects of her work. The atmosphere and vibration of a certain colour or colour palette will often serve as the direction for an entire piece.


Lara-Jane enjoys producing mixed media artworks on paper and canvas, working with watercolour, acrylic ink, wax pencils and other media to produce multi-layered paintings. More recently she has been incorporating ceramic art into her practice as well, with a focus on figurative sculptural work.

Watercolor Stain
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After a number of years of self-directed art practice, Lara-Jane began studying a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2024 and is enjoying further exploring her stylistic and conceptual passions.

Watercolor Brush 8
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