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“Banksia Seedpod - I” ~ Original artwork by Lara-Jane Stewart

14.8cm x 21cm (A5)

Watercolour, pencil, ink and graphite on 300gsm watercolour paper (Unframed)

*FREE Shipping within Australia*


A peaceful afternoon of sketching up at Maroochy Bushlands Botanic Gardens Art & Ecology Centre saw the creation of this banksia seedpod study.


Here are a few interesting things about them, and in particular, within the context of holistic gardening, from the ABC’s Organic Gardener online:

“Organic gardening… is about partnering with nature to create a diverse ecosystem where every element is in a state of balance.


Banksias play a vital role. Their big, showy flowers are highly attractive to native birds and beneficial insects, providing a rich source of nectar during the lean months of the year. Their foliage, which is often dense and prickly, provides safe nesting sites for small insectivorous birds such as wrens and willy wagtails, who will happily gobble up pests on the gardener’s behalf. In short, banksias are one of the best habitat plants available.”

Read more here:

Banksia Seedpod Study

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